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Dome Kits And The Way To Build A Dome

You recognize “Glamping Domes” as those round, futuristic-looking, igloo-like structures. you may even know they’re robust and make nice homes and Glamping tents. As additional people discover how economical and versatile domes are, domes are getting more popular and mainstream. but maybe you have been puzzled about what’s enclosed in a very geodesic dome kit and how to build a dome. So, here’s a fast breakdown of what you’ll expect once you get a dome kit and what’s concerned with putting it together.


If you are trying to use a dome for a vacation rental, small home, an off-grid living space, community center, curtilage oasis, or workout studio (we may go on … domes may be utilized in such a lot of ways!), you’ll wish to shop for a Geodesic dome kit. The kit can offer you what you wish to place your dome together.

Dome kits will vary from store to store. that is often what’s included in an Awning Global:

  • Steel pipes for the frame (struts)
  • A PVC cover that’s the “skin” over the frame
  • Anchorage expansion bolts/lug screws (to secure the dome to a concrete or wooden surface)
  • A solid door frame that holds a pre-hung doorway (36×80″)
  • A transparent panoramic window fabricated from PVC
  • A skylight window
  • A round PVC no-open window
  • 2 mesh screen vents

You don’t need to follow simply the essential kit, though. you’ll also add extra windows and options to your dome, such as:

  • Insulation
  • Heating/cooling
  • Flooring
  • Curtains
  • a restroom

What starts out as a basic dome kit can become no matter what you would like it to be, restricted only by your imagination (or budget). you’ll style the inside house of your dome any way you like. Without the necessity for walls to carry up the roof, a dome offers you plenty of interior space to figure with. You will desire a room space or a loft, for example, or you would possibly use room dividers to make areas for various activities like working and sleeping.


The 2 main components of a dome are the frame and the cover. (However, counting on a dome’s use, some folks would possibly only use the frame — for example, at a good or exposition.) each part is made to be sturdy through the seasons and may last a long time before needing repairs or a replacement.

At Awning Global, the dome frame:- formed of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. What that means is that the steel seemed submerged and coated in liquified zinc, which makes it durable and rust-resistant.

The cover is a thick vinyl material that matches the frame, quite a sort of hat on your head. Glamping Dome:- fabricated from a double-coated PVC material that’s water-resistant and UV-resistant. It’s tough, that the cover can hold up in lands up to 75 mph.


A dome kit will provide you with what you would like, however you do need to place it together. even as you’d build any other shelter, you may need tools, some know-how, and many others to help you. It helps to have:

  • General woodwork skills
  • Ability to scan and follow diagrams
  • sensible cooperation and communication skills (our smaller dome, for example, is ideally started by a bunch of a minimum of 3 people working together)
  • Temperament to learn
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Physical strength (for example, our 20ft dome cover weighs sixty-six lbs, which doesn’t seem to be much, however, it will be tough to maneuver the stiff fabric up and over the dome)

Choose the location for your dome, and start building. The kit comes with full directions for assembling the frame, inserting and fastening the cover, adding windows and skylights, and installing the door frame. the quality door frame can hold the standard pre-hung exterior door you’d notice at your native hardware store. Then you’ll be able to work on your flooring and the other finishing touches.


From our expertise with geodesic domes and their accessories, Domes create fantastic shelters. Although we tend to love domes, that are a number of things you could be unprepared for if you haven’t spent abundant time around them. So, here are a few additional insider tips.

Provide your Geodesic Dome some shade. It’s best to build a dome within the shade as a result of it’s basically a tent and gets hot pretty quickly. Also, even though our dome covers are UV-resistant, robust daylight will decrease the time period of the cover.

Build your dome in moderate weather. Don’t build your dome once the weather calls for extreme temperatures. For example, if you put in a dome below freezing, the dome cover could crack (the clear part gets arduous and fragile). The PVC material merely doesn’t stretch.

Expect some condensation. There’ll be condensation within your dome. This could cause the PVC broad window to freeze up in cooler temperatures, or get foggy. The window may even wrinkle or get “dots.”

Be prepared for oohs and aahs. individuals will wish to stare at your dome as a result of it’s that amazing! They conjointly might raise questions. Be proud and show it off!

A dome could be a marvelous shelter that’s good for various different uses. Obtaining a dome kit with everything you wish simplifies the method of building one. However, it helps to be ready for some of the distinctive challenges domes have. With a bit of planning, you’ll do it! Please contact us if you have got questions.

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