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    Geodesic Dome Insulation Reflective Bubble Foil From: 107,056.71 From: 42,398.94
    • Reflective Bubble Foil Layer – Polyethylene Air Bubbles bonded between two layers of Highly Reflective Metalized Aluminum Polyester Film. This means the insulation:

      • It’s lightweight yet durable;
      • It does not compress, collapse, or disintegrate;
      • It reflects most radiant heat and emits less than 3% of that heat;
      • It saves energy by reducing the stress on heating and cooling systems – keeping your dome warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

      Finishing layer – Canvas – is stitched to the reflective foil layer for a finished look and enhanced durability. This layer is available in a variety of colours.

      This type of insulation is placed inside of the dome frame (with rope ties and plastic clamps).

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